Why the Mau

After some medical setbacks with the Sphynx we decided to orient ourselves to another cat breed with a higher life expectancy and without serious health problems.

The desire to have a young lively kitten in the house was very big after the death of Rania, our Sphynx. It was suddenly so quiet with only three cats at home.

Searching for a healthy cat breed with a high life expectancy together with a super social and adventurous character, we came across the Egyptian Mau.
When we could not find suitable kittens in our area, we were orientating a bit in America, and now we have 3 Egyptian Maus.
Of course, we are getting a bit kitten broody and we have revived our cattery name “Fatal Attraction” to what is now “Fatal Attraction Egyptian Mau”

Dakari, Thor and Daenerys